Emergency Planning for Data Centers

Whether it's natural disaster, unplanned power outages from electrical services, or some other unfortunate failure of the power grid, a data center can't simply shut down sloppily. A lot of dependencies, sensitive equipment, and services need to be shut down properly or prepared for a rocky exit to avoid corruption, and you'll want a way to keep things going as long as they can without damage. Here are a few data-center design and emergency options that could save your servers, routers, switches, and other vital data-center gear.

Electronic Cash Register Vs. POS Systems For Businesses

If you own or manage a business, then you may be wondering about electronic cash registers or POS (Point of Sale) systems. Essentially, both technologies allow you to easily accept payment from your customers and record the transaction. However, cash registers and POS systems differ in the advantages and disadvantages that they carry. This article will help you understand the key differences so you can decide which system is best for your business: